Stetind is the official name, but the mountain which was voted Norways national mountain in 2002 obey by many names, among them “The anvil of the gods” and ” The granite giant”. The mountain has awed and fascinated people for ages. It is also an attractive destination for mountain climbers, as well as photographers and painters. I grew up in the area, and have always loved the great mountain, although I’ve never had the courage to attempt to climb the monumental majesty.


The Granite Giant


This is my first close up painting of Stetind. It´s inspired by a photo taken by Ann Kvanmo, a good friend and a great photographer.

Oil on canvas 60×50 cm (2016) Price 2500 $


Mirror image of a giant

Although the climate in the north of Norway can be harsh and hard to cope with sometimes, it all pays up when the beautiful days come. I don´t know anywhere else where the waters in the fjords can look so calm and innocent, even though we all know the forces underneath ought to be respected as it may burst into a rage whenever it feels like…

But when it decides to calm down for a while the water is calm as a mirror, and double up the beauty of the mountains.

Oil on canvas 150×100 cm (2016) Price 3000 $

Granite horizon

Stetind dominates the view from different angles, and can be seen from far away. A lot of people have strong feelings for the mountain, and it even has it´s own facebook-group: Stetind – Norges Nasjonalfjell (meaning: Stetind – the National Mountain of Norway) This painting is inspired by a photo published on the facebook-group in 2016. The view is from Lysvold across the fjord. The photographer is Ørjan Løkaas, a great photographer who´s taken several stunning photos of the Anvil og the Goods.

Oil on canvas 120×150 (2017) Price 3500 $


The kings of Tysfjord

When I started on this painting I planned it to be an image of the naked mountains, showing the majestic landmark in all its might, but it turned out I got disturbed by the other majesty in the area, a seagull, the bird that guards and decorates the coast; I tried for å long while to ignore it, but it turned out I couldn´t finish the painting before both royalties were in…

Oil on canvas 120×90 cm (2017) Price 3300 $