I’ve now been in Minot for two days, and tomorrow is the big day when the Norsk Høstfest starts. Yesterday I just went looking around, trying to figure out where I was and what kind of city this is. It is fascinating to see how close related a lot of people are to their Norwegian or Scandinavian heritage, and to see how this has come to mark the city. In the Scandinavian heritage park in the town center there’s even a full size replica of the Norwegian stave church of Gol, the one of which the original is now in the Norwegian Folk Museum in Oslo.
In the park there is also a huge Swedish Dale-horse, pluss a Norwegian stabbur, a genuin Norwegian log house from Setesdal and a museum with various Scandinavian artifacts. When people realized I was actually Norwegian, coming strait from the old country I was warmly welcomed, and the lady in the museum even had to take å photo of me in there:) FullSizeRender (2)