Yesterday the first sample-prints of my paintings were ready for pickup at the printers (Reklamepartner Graphics AS – As I asked my two daughters to join me when I was going to pick up the samples, we ended up in a shopping mall for a couple of hours first, spending far too much money… but hopefully when I start selling huge amounts of paintings and prints, I will manage to provide for the two young ladies and their siblings without the risk of bankruptcy;)

This is the first time ever that I have had proper prints made of any of my paintings, so I was really excited about this. And it sure gave a strange feeling to se my own paintings laying in the huge hall waiting for me to pick them up. Their appearence in a new form, not very far from the original, but still… It’s difficult to explain the feeling, but it was kind of a mixture between pride, surprise and joy and a little dash of fear on top of it… In a way it feels like some kind of recognition, even though it’s obviously not, as I ordered the prints myself, without asking approval from anybody else.

Giraffe family

Giraffe family

One of the sample prints was of my big giraffe-painting, only about half the size of the original, which is quite large. It was printed on textile, a material that give the print a warm and natural surface.

I wasn’t quite content with the colours on the print, it was far too much red in it (the picture you see here is of the original painting) but it’s just a question of adjustments between computers, and that is exactly why we need samples before we start ordering prints for sale:) The service at the printer’s is impeccable though, so they promptly volunteered to make a new sample with less red pigments. I’ll make some new orders next week when I have seen the new sample print:)



I also had a sample printed on aluminum, which is a really cool material for prints. The same problem with the red appeared on that sample too, but it just proves that the problem is just a question of small adjustments, and next time I believe it will be perfect:)

Later today I’m going to the vernisage of the exhibition of the students of Reidar Finsrud. It was a great article about the coming exhibition in the local newspaper yesterday, and hopefully there’ll be more in the days to come:) Oppslag i Amta