On the west coast of Norway, In Romsdalen, not far from Molde lies a beautiful little group of islands named Bjørnsund. The two main islands are called Nordre Bjørnsund (meaning the northern Bjørnsund) and Søndre Bjørnsund (meaning the southern Bjørnsund). This painting is of Nordre Bjørnsund. The islands were populated until about 1970 when the politicians on the mainland decided to cut the infrastructure as they claimed the costs were too high, and the inhabitants of Bjørnsund were thus forced to move on to the mainland. Today there are no residents left, but a lot of people have their summerhouses there. On the highest point of the island, you may see a statue of a polar bear, it’s placed there in memory of all the people from these islands who lost their life on the sea. I had some relatives who lived on Bjørnsund, but still I’ve only been to the islands once. I’ve however planned to make some more paintings from the islands, so I guess I’ll go there for inspiration next summer.

Oil on canvas 120×40 cm (2015) Price 3000 $


Last april, a great photographer named Pål Jakobsen presented a photo on the facebook page “Ballangen før og nå” (which contains hundreds of beautiful and spectacular photos from the area where I grew up). I kindly asked him if I could “borrow” his photo as inspiration for a painting, and here is the result:)

Oil on canvas 120×80 cm (2015) Price 2800 $

The Kjevik croft

On our way south after some great days in the north this summer we passed Kjelvik, a beautiful croft situated in Sørfold in Nordland. The Kjelvik croft is believed to have been formed before 1747, but has probably been moved from its original location to the current sometime during the 19th century. The last resident died in 1967, and the croft is attempted preserved like it was then.

Oil on canvas 100×40 cm (2015) Price 2300 $


You can find them everywhere along the Norwegian coast, they’re almost all painted red, and marked by the weather and the sea. This particular boathouse however, is from the the west coast by the Atlantic ocean road not far from Molde.

Oil on canvas 40×30 cm (2015) Price 1300 $



Cloudberries taste delicious, but they look even better. Lots of people make great effort to pick as many of them as possible during the short season. Some places people take the cloudberry-picking really serious, and you really don’t want to go in their way… We used to joke about people being willing to kill for their cloudberries, and sometimes I’m not even sure  it’s just a joke…


My father, my sister and my husband love to pick cloudberries, while I prefer the eating part…

Oil on canvas 20×20 cm (2015) Price 250 $




Oil on canvas 10×10 cm (2015) Price 100 $

Molte lite


Brook in the woods

This is just a brook in the woods, not a special brook, more like the idea of a brook… One of the best things about walking in the woods of Norway, especially up North, is that you’ll normally never have to bring anything to drink, because there will always be a brook somewhere with cold fresh water that you drink using your hands as a cup. I love the sound of the brooks flowing through the woods, and I love the fresh taste of the water…

Oil on canvas 10×60 cm (2015) Price 800 $





This painting is of a place called Sandtorgholmen situated about 30 kilometers south of Harstad in the north of Norway. It is now a hotel, but it used to be an old trading post, and it’s history goes back to the 16th century. I’ve passed it several times and admired it from the road, but I’ve never had time to stop and take a closer look . It’s claimed to be one of the most romantic hotels in Norway, so maybe I should go there with my husband next time we go up north…

Oil on canvas 100×40 cm (2015) Price 2500 $






This painting is from Steigen in the North of Norway. The person ordering this painting wanted to bring home a piece of the scenery around her cottage. She sent me some photos which we “glued” together for to use as a “template”, and I then tried to paint it as close to the original as possible. You can se my template belowe:)

Oil on canvas 200×60 cm (2015)








This is the place where my father grew up:) In Tysfjord in the North of Norway. The closest building is a former factory, made by my grandfather. You’ll find more about this in my blog

Oil on canvas 120×80 cm (2014)



Norge på sitt smaleste


Tysfjord is the place where Norway is at it’s narrowest. From the end of the fjord, it’s actually only four kilometers to the border of Sweden. The place, shown on the painting above, where my father grew up is on the left side of the fjord in the middle.

To the right you can see the Lofoten mountains. And to the left , you can see a mountain that is a bit higher than the rest, and looks a bit like a cone. That is the national mountain of Norway: Stetind.

Oil on canvas 275×70 cm (2014)


Boat in the mist – Ballangen


Boat in the mist

The inspiration for this painting comes from at photo taken by a good friend of mine from Ballangen. Ann Kvanmo is a gifted photographer, so I’ll probably use her photos for inspiration again:)

Oil on canvas 100×70 cm (2015) Price 2500 $





My oldest daughter is named Lilja, which means lily, and with such a name it’s no wonder her favorite flower is the waterlily. She has moved out to study abroad, and when she wanted a painting to have on her new wall, we agreed that she needed something to remind her about the waterlily lakes at home…

Oil on canvas 120×40 cm (2014)


Poppy field

This may not be a typical Norwegian sight, even though you may find fields of poppies in the South of Norway. In Denmark however this is very common…

Oil on canvas 60×60 cm (2014)





My mother loves red poppies, but up in the North of Norway where she lives, they’re quite rear… When she saw the poppy field shown above, she begged me to make one for her too, but only a small one, as her wall space was limited:)

Oil on canvas 50×20 cm (2014)


Wood anemones

Wood anemones - hvitveis

Wood anemones – hvitveis

I come from the North of Norway, but live in the South. Although I’ve lived in the South most of my life, my hart is still in the North, and to me nothing compares to the sceneries of the North! But one period every spring I may admit to the beauty of the South too; when the wood anemones (hvitveis) cover the forest floor, and all you see are duvets of white flowers, it’ s pure beauty:)

I must admit though that I’ve never actually seen hedgehogs in the forrest, only around the houses, and unfortunately sometimes on the road… but when we’re not there to disturb, the hedgehogs will appear in their natural habitat:)

Oil on canvas 120×40 cm (2015) Price 2300 $