When I started this blog about 18 months ago, I seriously believed, or at least tried to convince myself that I would actually write posts on a regular basis, or at least every now and then…Well, now I´m writing again, so the every now and then ambition is still standing:) And my new ambition might be easier to implement; now my aim is to write more often than I´ve done so far – that is to write å new post before october 2016… should be achievable:)

One of the reasons why I finally made my self sit down and write again is that my situation has changed totally from when I last wrote… After years of frustration in my working life, feeling that I never really liked what I was doing and that I never got to focus on my true talents, I finally decided to end my carrier as a lawyer, liquidate my lawfirm, and start living the life my mind (and my friends) have tried for years to convince me that was right for me: I´ve decided to try to make my living as an artist; painting and making sculptural cakes. Last time I wrote my main focus was on the cakes; which I then thought of as my big artistic talent, but since then my focus has changed a bit, so now my focus is on my paintings, even though I still make my funny cakes; like this one                a1cbfd_798d121cb8e741d0837fe8e0ef071080   Or more romantic ones like this one   ckake6  And sometimes I even combine my painting skills with my cake-sculpturing skills like this one   Dagbladkake You´ll find more of these on my webpagehttp://www.kunstkakeriet.com

… I will continue making cakes, and hope to be able to spend much more time doing it, but I now think that my main talent is my painting talent. I´ve been painting for about 10 years now, attending numerous painting classes at the local Finsrud Academy, but it wasn´t until I started painting nature that I realized that by developing this I might be able to make a living of my passion:) I started painting pieces of the land I love the most: Norther Norway. This is from where my father grew up, Skrovkjosen in Tysfjord. The big light building with red roof is “Fabrikken”
IMG_4616 My grandfather actually built a factory deep in a fjord of Northern Norway, producing different sorts of fish food. The factory was built around 1930, and production ended around 1990. In the beginning he even had to produce his own electricity to make the engines work. He was a real pioneer:) My sister is now doing a tremendous job to restore the factory to its old greatness, so in a few years time it will be possible to take a tour there, and get a feeling of Norwegian costal industry in its heyday.

And this is from the same area, only the view is a bit wider:) The factory is one of the small white dots on the left side of the cost, almost covered by the mountain… The painting is actually 2,75 meters, so its quite big…, and gives you a good perspective of Tysfjord, where Norway is on the narrowest (From the head of the fjord its only four kilometers to the Swedish border). To the left you may spot Stetind which is the national mountain of Norway, and if you look to the right you can even see the Lofoten mountains.IMG_5992


After showing this on Facebook I started getting painting-orders… And I realized that a lot of people have a special place which they would be thrilled to have on the wall:) I painted this one to Lisbeth, who loves the place where she´s got her cottage, and wanted to get the “cottage feeling” even when she is at home: Landskap i SteigenAnd processing the idea further, someone suggested that as I like painting Norwegian scenery, I ought to promote my services in a society where a lot of people have a special Norwegian place they dream about, without being able to go there wherever they want… Among the Norwegian Americans.

So now I´ve decided to start painting Norway, or at least bits of it, for those who dream of the place of their childhood, or the place of their ancestors or just a beautiful place they´ve heard of. The idea is to paint your very special place, not to have a lot of different paintings for you to chose between, but to paint YOUR special place on demand:)

I´m now about to start a new website called http://www.paintingnorway.com, where you will be able to order your painting:) I´ll write more about this later, but now its time to start painting…