Would you like a special painting?

Some of the paintings you see in this website can be bought as original oil paintings, and most of them can be bought as signed prints on aluminum, textile with a frame of aluminum or paper. It is also possible to get prints of fragments of the paintings, if there are details you like better…

If you’d rather have your own special painting, please feel free to contact me by telephone, email, regular mail or you could leave a message on this website. You tell me what you want, and together we’ll find out how I can fulfill your wish:). I never start working until I’m sure that we totally agree on image, price and transportation terms etc.

If you wish I’ll email you photos of your painting as the work progress:).

From Photo to painting



Most of my paintings are custom-crafted according to each customers wishes. This makes it impossible to have set prices and even makes it difficult to indicate prices. Prices will however start from around $1000,- for the smaller ones.

Please contact me if you want a painting, and we will reach an agreement. I never start working on a painting until we have agreed on the price, so its no risk contacting me to discuss it:)

The price we agree on will cover the painting only. In addition to this price will come the price of the canvas with stretcher plus transportation.


The prices of prints are dependent on size and material only. Here’s some examples to give an idea, but you can order the size you want (except for textile which can not be made in the smallest sizes):
120×80 cm            $ 500
120×40 cm            $ 400
100×80 cm           $ 450
100×40 cm           $ 350
50×70 cm             $ 250
40×50 cm             $ 150
30×30 cm             $ 100

120×80 cm          $ 550
120×40 cm          $ 450
100×80 cm         $ 500
100×40 cm         $ 400

I’m now trying to close a deal with a printer that can provide quality prints on paper, and will update the page with price samples as soon as the deal is set. The prices will however be lower than those mentioned above.

In addition to these prices will come transportation costs.



Before I start working on your painting, you will have to pay a deposit of 30 % of the agreed price. If you withdraw from the agreement  after I’ve started working this money will not be refunded, unless I’m to blame for the breach of agreement.

I will send you an invoice for the rest of the amount we agreed on, when your painting is ready to be shipped. Along with the invoice you’ll also get photos of the painting, so you know that the work is done according to your order. The painting will not be shipped until the invoice is paid.

If you’d rather pay by your credit- or debit card, you may use the buttons below.

For Norwegian customers:

International customers:

How it works:

1. Find your favorite place and mail a photo to me. Bigger files give more detail, and will help me make a better painting. Black and white photos work fine too, but I prefer to paint in colours, so if you agree to it, I will add natural colours in the painting. If you don’t have a photo, or the photo you have isn’t good enough I may go to the place and take a photo myself. We’ll of course make an agreement of the conditions before I start working. Before I start working I’ll send you an invoice of 20% of the price we have agreed on.





2. It will take me several weeks to finish the painting. If you wish I will keep you updated on how the work progresses by emailing you photos of the painting as it develops.

The paint also needs some weeks to dry after the painting is finished.




3. I email you a high-resolution file of the final painting. If you’re not satisfied I will try to make the adjustments necessary for it to be to your satisfaction. When you approve of the painting, you pay the rest of the agreed price, and I will have it shipped to you the way you prefer.


4. Mr. Postman picks up the painting at the PaintingNorway-studio. The wrapping is solid, and will ensure the painting a safe journey to the final destination.