My husband is a photographer and loves making videos; so he decided to make a video of my latest painting, to show how similar it is to the original photo I used as a template. So far the video only shows the first part of the painting, as it wasn´t one original photo, but four…

When I start making a new painting I use sowing thread to make a grid in order to get the painting as close up to the reality as possible. However, I´ve never got it presented like this before, and was actually surprised to se how close I got the painting to the reality…

I know a lot of people would claim that it isn´t art painting reality as it is, that the artist have to add or change something – make their mark – for it to be considered art. At the same time we appraise the old painters who made perfect painted reproductions of scenery and people in different situations, even though they obviously aimed to reproduce what they saw as perfect as possible.

Don´t get me wrong, I don´t mean that art should always be a copy of reality, but in my opinion the art-label should not be limited to those making  provocative or obscene installations or paintings etc. which I sometimes feel is the current norm… For me an artist is someone who has something to convey, and who choose to express it in a creative form. Art is then a creative expression which conveys a feeling to somebody. Which feeling is conveyed will differ from individual to individual.

From what I paint and what I´ve written so far I guess I´ve already revealed that I personally appreciate art which shows “classic” talent, whether the piece of art is figurative or not… But what I consider a good piece of art is not necessary good art for everybody or anybody else.

What I don´t like, and have no respect for however, is pundits trying to limit and belittle other people´s feeling of art by monopolizing the definition of what is good art and what is not. In my opinion it is against the very nature of art for anyone to claim that their opinion of a work of art is more valid than others.