A couple of days ago I booked tickets for Minot in North Dakota! I’m heading for Norsk Høstfest!

Norsk Høstfest(=Norwegian Autumn party) starts on september 29th, and keeps going until october 3th. The festival claims to be the largest Scandinavian festival in North America, but as I’ve never heard of any real big Scandinavian festivals anywhere else, it might just be the biggest Scandinavian festival in the world… This is going to be very exciting!

I’m going to have a booth at the festival, to show my paintings. I’ll bring as many originals as I can for sale, and might also bring a few prints. I’ll probably have to pay for extra baggage on the plane… Hopefully I’ll get it all sold out, so I wouldn’t have to carry it all back home. And if I can also get some new orders from people who want to get a painting of their very special place in the world:), I’ll consider it a success!

Right now I’m just trying to paint as many new paintings as possible, to be sure that I have enough to fill up my baggage, plus a little extra. I’ve got several works in progress… It would be great though if someone who plans to attend the Norsk Høstfest would order a painting in time for me to paint it before I leave for Minot, so that I could actually bring the painting for show on the festival before it is delivered to it’s right new owner:) Just let me know if you’re thinking about getting a painting, and you might get a good deal;)

Before going to the big festival I will however participate in a local exhibition together with other students of Reidar Finsrud (www.galleri-finsrud.no). I’ll show two of my paintings.




The Zebras








and the hedgehogs and wood  anemones.

Wood anemones - hvitveis

Wood anemones – hvitveis

At this exibition I will also show two sculptures, they’re only made of clay so far, and I don’t have time for the plaster casting process before the exibition, so they’ll have to be shown the way they are…


One of the sculptures is of my oldest son, Jarl.

The other one is no actual person, I just used all the people around me during the process for inspiration:)

My two sculptures






The sculptures will not be for sale, but it’ll be fun to show them anyway:)