Painting Norway?

All the paintings you see in this webpage are painted by Møyfrid Hveding. You’ll find more about me below:)

My main reason for creating this page is that I want to give each and every one of you a chance, not only to see my paintings, but to order your own painting, from your own very special place in the world. I call the page Painting Norway, as Norwegian scenery is what I know best, and what I love the most, but I’ll take almost any challenge:)

My consideration is that there are plenty of people out there dreaming and fantasizing about the place where they grew up, where they spent the childhood summers, where their ancestors came from etc. To have an original oil painting of this very place on the wall might then give you great pleasure, and ease the longing a bit.

Instead of just having to settle with the paintings you can get, I can make the painting you really want. Either by using your own photo as a template for the painting, or I might go to the place and take new photos, or even paint “your place”.

None of my paintings need framing, as I prefer to paint on canvases with a deep edge, which I paint around. This way the painting doesn’t get the traditional limit/border, but is rather fading out, and gives you a sense of continuation…

So far this is a one woman business, which means that my capacity is limited, but I plan to spend most of my time painting in the years to come, so hopefully I’ll manage to handle the orders in due time.

If you decide to order a painting, we will agree on the conditions and price before I start, and I will of course always keep you updated on the progress of your special painting.

Who is Møyfrid Hveding?

I am a Norwegian lawyer, born on May 17th 1967, who has decided to do something completely different, and try to make a living of what I love to do, instead of what I’ve always tried to convince myself is sensible to do…

I love to create, and especially I love to paint!
I don’t have any formal artistic education, my student years was devoted to law issues, but I have a lot of practice, a lot of art classes by one of the best artists in Norway, and a good portion of enthusiasm and talent!

I’ve always been creative, but throughout my years at the university I tried to suppress it as best as I could. It wasn’t until I had my first child in 1994 that I started to rediscover my creative abilities, first by making birthday cakes, and funny costumes. My cakes gradually developed into art projects, which you may see at my webpage (directly translated: the art cakery).

The fascination for painting however didn’t start until 2003 when my husband decided to give me a paint case, canvases and an easel as a Christmas present. I then soon discovered that this was a medium I could relate to, and painting just gave me a peace of mind that not many other activities can.

In 2004 I took my first art class by a local artist named Reidar Finsrud, whom I consider one of the best Norwegian artists. You may find more about him at I’ve continued taking classes at his academy, and still do.

In 2008 I also took art classes in Provence by Francesco Fontana,, focusing on painting sceneries outdoor.

In 2013 I got the chance to learn a bit about painting portraits from one of the best portrait painters in Norway, Helene Knoop

And in 2015 I finally decided that the seemingly sensible way of making a living had to give way to what for me is the only satisfactory way to make a living… And here I am Painting Norway!

… in order to maintain my knowledge in law, I now also work part time as a law teacher in high school, but only part time, as painting is not to be suppressed again…